Based on my sense for sustainability, metamorphosis and new perspectives, I create new spaces and structures, considering not only their shape but also the symbolism linked to their initial function. Sharing my ideas verbally as well as visually, is integral to my artwork.

The human body is my most valuable resource. Not just because of the function of the brain, but also the vital signs and physiology of the body. I combine my knowledge and operating experience of human medicine with my artwork.

I often work with materials that I have collected as a nurse anesthetist in the General Hospital of Linz. Aside from my interest in the original use of a medical instrument or object, I am also fascinated by their look and feel. There is an ongoing transformation of these single-­‐use materials, simply because I have saved them from the trash; a transplantation into a new and extended life. Using a wide variety of media to express myself, such as photography, film, sculpture, installations, collage and interactive art, allows me to investigate the state of aggregation between the different tools and use the natural and symbolic characteristics of each one.

I am strongly influenced by social, cultural and political issues and invite the viewer to delve deeper into the intersection of medicine and art. My influences are my experiences, a constant flow of inspiration, developed through practising and experimenting.

The artists I admire most are Joseph Beuys, because of his theories about the Social Sculpture, and Richard Buckminster Fuller, due to his visionary work.