„TICK TOCK:::TILL IT STOPS“ is an interactive artwork about lifestyle and lifetime. This tool monitors your heart beats, counting and presenting them in the algorithm of time. Professor Dr. Otto M. Hess says that humans have around 3 billion heart beats on their „heart-beat-account“. Which means, that someone whose heart is beating 60
times per minute will live for 96 years. Living out our daily lives where we encounter unforeseen circumstances as well as our particular lifestyle choices works against that. The heart rate variability (HRV) is a function of the human body that raises or lowers the heart beat when it is needed. Through a normal day of living including working, exercising, dealing with stress or relaxing on the couch, your heart is constantly leveling its work, providing a most functional body at any given time.
TICK TOCK:::TILL IT STOPS shows you exactly which time your heart already is, how much time you „lost“ already.
Every day at midnight it automatically starts counting with the real time (00:00:00) again.
The project includes a program to read out the datas which were set, (Real time, „heart“ time, pulse rate) and shows them in addition on a graphic.